Paige Hilton

First Impressions

The free tour for PaigeHilton manages to illuminate just about everything you need to know about this babe before joining. You get a glimpse of almost every inch of her body, including her sweet ass and tasty tits, and you get a sense of what her content is like. I’m excited about the prospect of seeing her pose in her bikini collection, which seems to be quite large. I’m also looking forward to her lingerie selections, a few of which she demonstrates for us. Most of all I want to check out her body in a full resolution picture.

Hot Promises

Paige Hilton is a college babe looking to make a little extra money to help pay for books and booze. She’s always been told she’s got a great ass so she decided to launch a website to show it off and it looks like she’s been quite successful in her mission. Her behind is one of the many things you can look forward to in the member’s area. Others include plenty of bikini shots, downloadable high resolution videos, frequent updates, and more. Paige looks like a cutie pie so let’s see what the member’s area holds.


Busty beauty Paige Hilton is a part of the Bad Girls network and her site is designed the same as all the other girls, which is a bit of a drawback. This is mostly because the design is terrible with little to no effort put in. For instance, the main page features two boxes with previews of the most recent picture galleries and video clips. They use square thumbnails so they all fit properly in the box, but they didn’t bother to resize the pictures to a square. So you end up looking at warped pictures of Paige and it’s difficult to get a proper preview of the image.

That trend continues when you visit the pictures section, which features 46 galleries. Each gallery is represented by a meaningless number (1356?) and the same square thumbnail. Once again it’s typically stretched beyond the proper proportions so it looks silly. While there are technically 46 galleries I noticed that many of them repeat the same outfits, which essentially means they broke a gallery in two parts to pad out their content totals. If that seems ridiculous to you it’s because it is. My guess is that Paige bowed out of producing content long before they thought she would so they had to resort to desperate measures.

Most galleries have 50-100 images and while some are top notch others fall by the wayside in terms of quality. In one gallery Paige is posing in the stairwell wearing a pink tank top and panties. There’s natural light coming in through the window or door behind the photographer but it appears as if he forgot to adjust his camera to account for it. Many of the photos are totally washed out by the light and Paige is as well. Also, a lot of the pictures in the gallery are blurry, which is inexcusable when you’re putting together a site you expect people to pay good money for.

My final complaint about the picture galleries, before I get to the good stuff, is that they aren’t displayed in order. It’s like all the pictures were taken and then jumbled up and spit back out again. It’s far superior when you watch the progression of the model going from fully clothed to totally naked. Despite my myriad of complaints I actually found the picture galleries to be quite titillating. This is due mostly to Paige’s impressive natural beauty. She has a great rack – D cups it looks like – and they’re perky as hell considering their size.

Paige also has good taste when it comes to choosing outfits to pose in. She’s quite fond of lingerie and swimsuits, which I also happen to be quite fond of. My favorite gallery features Paige in a pink and black lace camisole and panty set. She’s all smiles as she strips for the camera. In the end she’s wearing only her panties and her hands are draped over her breasts. I suppose I should mention that Paige is a non nude model, at least in her picture galleries.

Hoping to further my adventures with Paige Hilton I entered the video section. There I found 18 clips of Paige posing in some of her favorite outfits. The quality of the videos is remarkable for a site like this; they’re not HD but they’re close enough. They look crisp and clean at 640x480 and hold up well even when run full screen. They do represent near DVD quality.

The videos offer you a chance to watch Paige as she teases the camera with glimpses of her beautiful body. There’s one where she slowly unpeels a banana and then licks the tip in the most sexually suggestive way possible. In another she’s practically making love to a lollipop as it pistons in and out of her mouth. In yet another she poses in a thong and camisole and shakes her ass vigorously in front of the camera. There aren’t many clip but the ones that are here are pretty entertaining.

Membership to PaigeHilton doesn’t end with her site. There’s enough content available to you to last several years if you were so inclined. You get access to 22 other solo babes sites, some better than Paige’s and some worse. There’s a girl for everyone in the list. You get access to a full DVD library with hardcore content from just about every imaginable genre. Finally you get access to more than 40 hardcore sites, each with exclusive content you can download or stream. It’s a full package that adds significant value to your membership.

Croco’s Opinion

I have some problems with the implementation and quality of the picture galleries at PaigeHilton, but there are other elements of the site that overwhelm those concerns. First, Paige is an exceptionally gorgeous girl with a great body. Second, some of the picture galleries are actually fantastic to look through. Third, the videos are great and offer a sexy side of Paige you don’t see in the image galleries. Finally, the bonus content is nearly limitless and will add months, if not years, to your membership.


Given the simplistic nature of the design it’s pretty easy to browse the site.

Pricing Policy

Billing is by credit card or online check. The fee is $28.69 for the first 30 days and $25.69 every thirty days after that.

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